About Cyprus Corporate Bowling

We take pleasure in inviting Corporate teams from Cyprus.
The Cyprus Corporate Bowling League is being organized and powered by Limassol Bowling Association (LBA) and will take place at the Galactica Bowling Centre from November 2019 till May 2020.
The Corporate League is devised and created by Navigators Training Program and is designed to promote the sport of Bowling to preserve the sporting spirit and concurrently introduce the sport of bowling to newcomers and casual players.
At the same time offering the opportunity for companies to reward their employees in a fun, exciting and competitive pastime outside the workplace.
The event has been established as an annual league since 2018 and it is the 2nd year that will be organized.
This year the Cyprus Corporate Bowling Team event will feature 12 teams from Limassol, Cyprus.
The event is under the auspices of the Cyprus Bowling Federation (CBF) and will be supported by Limassol Municipal and the Limassol Municipality Sports Office.
The event will be promoted via the Cyprus Corporate Bowling social media (Facebook and Instagram page) as well as from the Limassol Municipality sports office social media.
Furthermore, the TV Lemesos, FalconMedia Group will promote the event and the sport of Bowling in general.
The tournament Committee, the Limassol Bowling Association (LBA) and the Galactica Bowling Centre are pleased to host this event and wish you all to enjoy and have fun.

Committee Members:

Chairman – Loucas Evripidou

Tournament Manager – Peter Klitou

Administrator – Chris Michael  

Corporate League Format

The format of the league tournament matches are comprised of 2 rounds consisting of 11 matches for each round so that each of the 12 teams will compete against each other team 2 times in total. Each match night offers 6 available points which are broken down to 2 points for each game won plus 2 points awarded to the team that receives the highest total pin count for the sum of the 2 games including the player’s handicaps. The matchups between the teams and lane assignments have been previously determined by a draw in the presence of all the teams’ captains or representatives during the Captains Briefing and Press Release.

Corporate Cup Format

The format of cup championship games will be as follows:

  • All rounds of team matchups are determined by a draw.
  • 2 games are played against each opponent in each round.
  • Handicaps and blind scores apply as per the league games format.
  • The winning teams of each round are determined by the sum of the total of the 2 games.
  • Round 1: From the 12 teams the 6 winning teams plus the two defeated teams with the highest sum of the total pin count in the 2 games will progress to the next round.
  • Round 2: From the 8 teams the 4 winning teams will progress to the next round.
  • Round 3: From the 4 teams, the 2 winning teams will progress the final and the 2 losing teams will play against each other to determine the 3rd and 4rth place winners.

Corporate Super Cup Format

  • The League Champions will play 2 games against the Cup Champions for the CCB Super Cup.
  • If both above titles are held by the same team then the League Champions will play against the Finalist of the Cup Championship.
  • Handicaps and blind scores apply as per the league games format.

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