Corporate Cup Games 2019 – 2020

Written by Corporate Bowling Committee

January 21, 2020

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1st Round 04/02/2020
( Draw on 21/01/20 )
2nd Round 10/03/2020
( Draw on 18/02/20 )
Semifinals 17/03/2020
( Draw on 10/03/20 )
Finals 05/05/2020

The draw for the first round will take place in the presence of the captains or team representatives on 21/01/2020 before the start of the league games.
You are kindly requested to arrive at the bowling center at 19:30 for the draw.

The format of the Corporate cup games will be as follows:
• All rounds of team matchups are determined by a draw.
• 2 games are played against each opponent in each round.
• Handicaps and blind scores apply as per the league games format.
• The winning teams of each round are determined by the sum of the total of the 2 games.
• Round 1: From the 12 teams the 6 winning teams plus the two defeated teams with the highest sum of the total pin count in the 2 games will progress to the next round.
• Round 2: From the 8 teams the 4 winning teams will progress to the next round.
• Semifinals: From the 4 teams, the 2 winning teams will be qualified to the final Stage whereas the 2 losing teams will play during final stage for the 3rd and 4th place
-Finals: The qualified 2 Teams will play against each other for the Cup Title and the 2 losing teams will play against each other to determine the 3rd and 4rth place.

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