CCBC Round 2 pregame commentary

Written by Corporate Bowling Committee

March 9, 2020

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The 2nd Cup Qualifying Round will take place at 19:30, Tuesday the 10th of March, 2020 on the 1st floor of the Galactica Bowling Centre from lanes 1-8. CUP GAMES 1. Falcon Media Group vs PWC 2. Cyprus Ports Authority vs Team 53 Insurance Advisors 3. AV Solutions vs Tototheo Maritime 4. Singular vs Lemissoler Based on the standings the most exciting match to watch will be Cyprus Ports Auth. Vs Team 53, but I firmly believe that all the match ups will be very interesting to watch due to the fact that the League standings have nothing to do with the possible outcome!! The game of bowling is a dynamic process based on a learning experience as well as many other factors!! We have many players that slowly acknowledging this and are improving their game and increasing their pin count due to dedicated practice, coaching and by purchasing their own new equipment. Therefore their teams are experiencing an upward momentum and are able to outperform other teams that perhaps have started better in the in the beginning of our tournament but have remained at the same level!! This and other factors such as luck, lane conditions and sheer pressure will play a role in which teams will ultimately advance to the next round!! So do as many things mentioned above to improve your game and success will follow! Very important -The 4 teams that did not qualify to the 2nd Cup Round will be playing a set of friendly games from lanes 9-12 So please make sure that all the teams and your players show up regardless if they qualified for the 2nd round or not. The draw for the 3rd Cup Round will take place at the end of the games!! Also please note that the presentation of the 2 winning teams of the Falcon Media Group / TV Lemesos awards will be presented before the start of the matches! Everyone be there! Feel the excitement of the Corporate Bowling Cup and have fun!!

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