CCBL Week 10 Pregame

Written by Corporate Bowling Committee

February 17, 2020

? Cyprus Corporate Bowling League – Pregame Week 10 ?

We have reached the 10th League Games which will take place this coming Tuesday the 18th of February! This means that we are very close to completing the 1st round consisting of 11 games, well done to all the teams and their players for being so awesome!
Last Thursday night as well as Saturday morning many more than usual corporate bowlers were sighted practicing on the lanes, which tells us that the competition is getting tougher and many players want to improve their game so that their teams can advance in the standings!!!
The critical matchups in terms of the standings are PWC vs Party Décor with the teams in 3rd and 5th place respectively with only 4 points apart, and Windsor Brokers vs Cyprus Ports Authority in 9th and 10th place respectively with only 1 point separating them!!
The leaders have relatively easier games to play on paper but then again you never really know what could happen, because as I have said many many times, there are no easy matches!!
The 2nd Round Cup Draw will take place this Tuesday so be on time!!

We love this game so just bowl and enjoy it!!

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