CCBL Week 2 Pregame

Written by Corporate Bowling Committee

November 18, 2019

? Cyprus Corporate Bowling League – Pregame Week 2 ?

The standings have been posted after the 1st league game and after all the dust has settled we have 2 teams tied in  1st  position, 4 teams tied in 2nd position, another 4 teams tied in 3rd position and 2 teams tied in 4th position. But we had only winners and no losers because everybody had a blast of fun!!

The team standings as may have gathered at this point,  do not mean much because there are so many matches to follow and due to the handicap fluctuations that have not yet stabilized, the positioning of the teams will be altering after every league night!!

So just keep practicing and improving your game getting ready for the 2nd match night and you and your team will be rewarded!!

See you all on the lanes next Tuesday the 19th of November!!!!

Because we love to bowl and Cyprus Corporate Bowling!!!

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