CCBL Week 8 Pregame

Written by Corporate Bowling Committee

January 27, 2020

? Cyprus Corporate Bowling League – Pregame Week 8 ?

 Everyone has been getting ready for Tuesday night matches, as some teams have been enjoying the leading positions for the last few weeks and they are trying to maintain or better their positions.

We all must keep in mind though that we are only through with approximately one-third of the total games and the top positions are still up for grabs!!  We have seen many upsets and I am sure we will see many more, that is the beauty of our handicap system!!

The derbies top of the week is between Party Décor vs Team 53 which are both tied in 5th position with 20 points each. Also, AV solutions vs Cyprus Ports will be fighting out as they are both tied in 9th position with 18 points. Another derby can be considered between Lemissoler vs Marlow Navigation which are in 1st and 4th positions respectively but both very talented teams which should make it very interesting to watch!!


Congratulations to our week 7 MVPs well done to UMAR/WSR as both are their players!!!

Miss Lia Makri – UMAR/WSR

Mr. Nikolas Herodotou – UMAR/WSR

Best of luck and good bowling with lots of strikes to all!!

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