CCBL Week 9 Pregame

Written by Corporate Bowling Committee

February 10, 2020

? Cyprus Corporate Bowling League – Pregame Week 9 ?

 The Corporate Cup Round 1 is over, so get back to League mode now and start getting ready for Games week 9.!! There will be some very interesting matchups this week starting with the most crucial one between Marlow Navigation vs PWC which are both tied in 3rd place with 30 points with the outcome to decide who will stand alone in 3rd if not higher!! The other interesting matchups are between UMAR/WSR vs A.V. Solutions which stand in the 6th and 7th positions respectively with 3 points apart, as well as the matchup between Team53 vs Singular which are 4 points apart and both fighting to advance from the lower standings! If Tototheo and Lemissoler are able to win their matches then the standings for the Top 2 should remain the same but remember, no match is easy or a sure win, so all games are very competitive and there could be upsets! We know you love this game so get ready to Bowl and have lots of fun!!!!

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