Team Marlow runners-up for Winter season 2019-20

Written by Corporate Bowling Committee

May 18, 2020

Marlow Makes Strides!

Team Marlow runners-up for Winter season 2019-20 

Marlow ends the first half of the Cyprus Corporate Bowling League season 2019-20 in second place. This is truly a remarkable achievement for a team made up of players very new to the sport of bowling. New but no less determined!

“Our team was driven by passion, team spirit, and a will to learn and develop in the sport,” said team Captain Loucas Evripidou. “We are very proud of our results, all our players, and the way we improved throughout the year, game after game. Most especially, we are proud of how we played as a team, encouraging and supporting each other, whilst representing our company with pride in the Cyprus Corporate Bowling League,” added Evripidou.

Marlow started the season off rather slow, with many of its players learning along the way, but improved considerably with each match, spearheaded by their MVP and most experienced player, Loucas Evripidou, as well as their most improved players Christos Efrem, Kyriakos Evripidou and MVP winner in the month of November, Yiannos Papadopoulos.

Well done to the entire team: Loucas Evripidou; Christos Efrem; Elias Sarris; Emilios Skoullos; Kyriacos Zambas; Paulos Prodromou; Giorgos Christodoulou; John Papadopoulos; Sergiy Voloshyn; Yiannis Buhayar; and Kyriacos Evripidou 

Since first established in Limassol in 1982, Marlow Navigation has grown to become a trusted name in the ship management industry, covering Crew Management, Technical Management, New Ship Building Supervision, Finance and Administration, Training, and Safety, and Offshore crewing.

Today, a global network spanning 25 offices in 10 countries with 1,000 shore-based staff, comprised of management offices, crew recruiting agencies, and advanced training centers, together with over 13,500 crew on-board at any given time and 24,000 active seafarers, underpins the company’s client-focused ethos.

Marlow provides dedicated, tailor-made and effective solutions in ship management, whilst totally committed to modernization in shipping, responsive to the revolution in new technologies, environmental best practices, and via continued training and development of our people, both at sea and ashore.

Congratulations to Team Marlow for the great performance, progress, and achievements, and thanks for your valuable contribution to the League and to the sport of Bowling.

Well done and Good Luck ahead!!

Marlow Bowling Team

The roster of the Team consists of 10 players 

League Round A – Teams Statistics

2nd place

Points 42

Average HC    177,34

Average NOHC   121,44

High Game  785 ( Ave 196,25 )

High Series  1534 ( Ave 191,75 )


Games Played

5 wins 6 – 0

2 wins 4 – 2

2 lost 2 – 4

2 lost 0 – 6 

Teams and Players Achievements

MVP of the Team – Loucas Evripidou

Best Team of the League – November 2019

MVP Man November’19 – Yiannos Papadopoulos

MVP Man Week 6 – Loucas Evripidou 

Team Progress and Statistics

Team started week 1 with a scratch average of 101,75 and by the week 11 with scratch average of 122,80.

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